28 June 2017 by 079

Pre Event PR: Immediate Release 28/6/17

WOR Events Presents: THE SECOND COMING...THE NAIL BITER EXTREME SPECIAL TEST ENDURO - Rd 2 of WOR Events Hard Enduro Series 2017


THE NAIL BITER 2 is here, consisting of two sections in the day, A qualifier that matters and a run of 4 timed special tests at the fantastic venue that hosted the recent T100 Extremeand this will create a fantastic challenge for all riders throughout the classes. 

The Qualifier: 9.30am till 11.30am. A straight 2 hour Hare and Hounds Enduro that will be on a course of around 4 miles per lap consisting of a mix of normal enduro and hard enduro terrain. Starting in classes, the riders will do their best to finish as high up the rankings as possible to ensure a good start is waiting for them later on in the day....

The NAIL BITER Qualifier DOES count in its own right as the lap scores from the 2hr race will come into play for the final results. Here is how that works, Lets say the winner does 7 laps in the Qualifier, the 7 laps will then equate to 7 minutes being removed from the riders Overall Special test times from the Afternoons Extreme Special tests, 6 laps= 6 minutes and so on...What this will ensure is that all riders push hard to do their best in the qualifier knowing that a lap means something very important  later on in the day...

The NAIL BITING BIT!!:  12:30 Start.. The riders will take to a new section of the track and line up for the main part of the Nail Biter Extreme Special tests. This will be approx a 3 mile lap and use some interesting bits of normal and Extreme Enduro terrain making up the Extreme Special Test.

Riders will do their 4 tests almost back to back, A short rest after each test to change goggles, gloves, have a drink etc and a then a quick shuffle from the holding area back to the start line will see this happen...

Once all the special tests are done its then a case of working out all of the results, riders head home eating their nails waiting to to see who set the best times to win, and by 6pm that same afternoon - we will have the results online ...(we hope to know an overall winner before they leave the venue) 

The Venue:The venue, TYN TWYLL or BLP however you know it will once again lay on a challenging and totally enjoyable course for the masses. This is the Home of the TOUGH 100 and will offer two 

The Media: WOR will once again guarantee post event media with Screen, film, web coverage and of course the national motorcycle press reports.

The Entries: Strictly only 100 Entries are available for the event and they are now open and available at :


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