"It's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!"

"WOR Events are pleased and proud to announce a brand new working partnership with PROPERLY PROTECTED, The one stop shop for all your insurance, financial and bespoke life and business cover closely working with BEMOTO the bike insurers.

With immediate effect all WOR riders and IOPD licence holders can obtain free advice and expert guidance on all those confusing insurance matters. Riders of WOR and IOPD will also receive a special dispensation when they sign up for any new policies or cover.

Properly Protected are doing this game right, and now after becoming the Number 1 and most trusted insurer in the Road Race paddock they are reaching out and offering their expertise and untouchable, quality, unquestionable, cover to the riders and racers of WOR Events.

The chap to speak with is Nigel Lynn, the Northern based agent that will be trying his best to attend all WOR Events with his branding and will be based at or near the event signing on station. He wont be hard selling or in your face promoting, he will simply be there to make a contact, give advice and speak later in the week to customers that so wish, as most of the time he will be out on his dirt bike too ..Riding round enjoying the WOR off road tracks. A real hands on advisor with 20 years experience in the insurance industry.

Specializing in personal and accident cover, A must for all WOR Riders to think about putting in place.

Nigel is contactable from 10am till 9pm Mon- Sun on 07896700828 Or email [email protected] Make sure you quote WOR Events.

WOR Events look forward to the future of being PROPERLY PROTECTED

WOR Events Steve Ireland : " I'm absolutely delighted to have this partnership in place with PP, They are true professionals that offer services and quality products that all of my customers can benefit from. They are bespoke insurers that will only give the best advice and more importantly not miss sell policies that wont work to our customer base. I urge ALL riders to at least give Nigel a call or email to have a chat and get themselves covered for their bodies and their machines."

For all breathing and living things cover - http://www.properlyprotected.co.uk

For all mechanical / non breathing cover  https://www.bemoto.uk

CALL NIGEL ON 07806700828