2 March 2018 by 028

Riders and Racers out there that DO NOT have this cover ...Please read this and think hard about signing up for it...

WOR Events have all the legal Insurances, third party, land owners indemnity, public liability etc etc all well and truly in place to make the events happen ...But and it is a BIG BUT!! It is THE RIDERS RESPONSIBILITY (YOU!!) to have your personal cover in place !!!

Nigel Lynn at Protect My Income, a WOR Events partner and events supporter, is the go to man for any questions you may have to get set up on this....

We all enjoy blasting our bikes about and it's easy to forget the simple things coming off and doing yourself an injury that then goes on and affects you and yours as a result.... Get your self on it....We highly recommend and endorse it..

Here's to a safe and exciting 2018 SEASON OF WOR Events rides and races ... Thanks for reading , Steve Ireland Head of Events and organisation & the WOR EVENTS team