PUTOLINE RD 6 results.

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“The Two Humphreys brothers, Owain and Gethin are pretty much unbeatable at any WOR event, Maybe bar an off-road legend like the GOAT of World Enduro David Knight taking the win when he shows up but apart from that the two North Wales Powerhouses are on the pipe and top of the WOR rankings.

Gethin, Youngest of the two, has had a year to forget, Bike Gremlins and some bad luck have put paid to what looked like being a very promising season for him, resulting in lots of unwanted DNF’s. Last Sunday at the Putoline NHS rd 6 …Gethin took the all-important overall event win albeit by just 3 seconds from WOR’s main man, Owain Humphreys. The Clatter track is a simple masterpiece of off road Enduro/ HARE Scramble terrain. A massive lap that demands the rider pay attention and use all of their off-road skills as it winds its way around a huge Mid Wales mountain course. The brothers pulled away from the start with Gethin having a slight advantage in the early laps but Owain always only a max of 30 seconds behind. The lead swapped between the two when they fuelled and as the two lads rode out on the final lap of the race together, in nasty rain and tricky conditions, they where Bar to Bar and remained so as they crossed the line to the chequered flag at 2.5hrs with 10 laps each to their credit. The Top 5 riders all completed 10 laps .. with Yamaha Rider, Jack Ditchfield being nearest to the Humphreys and Connor Bolsover (Husky)and Ryan Shacklady (GasGas) in 4th and 5th spot respectively.

Sion Jones (Husky) was flying in the Clubman and he simply revels in the tricky conditions…The wetter and muddier it is, the better the Young Traws based rider goes. Sion took the lead around lap 6 and pushed on to take a comfortable 1 minute 30 plus lead on 9 laps from Runner Up, Arch Collier. Collier (Husky) himself going well and doing very good to get back to the Runners Up spot by passing Paul Engerlen (KTM) back and pushing him into 3rd place. Only the Top 3 Clubman managed 9 laps each.

Anthony Griffiths took the Vets A group with a last lap pass on Lincoln Brewster. Brewster had a very rare day of crashing and after an early one that saw his shoulder pop out, he battled on and in fact somehow took the lead in class from 7 minutes down only to have another incident on the last lap that let the consistent and smooth Griffiths through for the win. 27 seconds was the winning margin for Griffiths at the end of 9 gruelling laps. 3rd spot went to Mark Tebay with another solid ride under his belt.

Chris Wagstaff (Yamaha) again showed his class in the Over 50’s by topping the group by nearly 4 minutes from Runner Up, Colin Griffiths (KTM) and Gareth Jones in 3RD Place. Jones on his Husky was a lap down on 6 laps to the top two’s 7 circuits each.

Paul Lightfoot got back to winning ways in the Vets B (2hrs) and managed to get to the front of the group by 1 minute and 9 seconds from Runner Up, Anthony Foulkes. Both Husqvarna mounted, these guys are going to go to the wire in the series with neck and neck performances.

Top Sportsman was Adam Bates with a superb ride to push through to the front having chased down early leader Sion Hughes. Young Hughes has been the man to beat of late but a strong show of strength and a passion for the rain and mud saw Bates take a 1 minute 8 second advantage over his 17-year-old son, Will Bates, who showed at last, some of the promise he’s been showing with his classy effortless style and stealth speed by storming through for a late finish and a strong 2nd on the podium. Thomas Lawton on his KTM  took a well earned 3rd spot and some vital series points. The top 3 podium riders in both Vets B and Sportsman where all mounted on the very popular WOR supported Husqvarna machinery, a testament to the link between the two.

Simon Jones, Lee Anderton and Adam Bromilow took 1st , 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Novice group. Jones completed 7 laps and lead from the start with Anderton and Bromilow finishing on 6 each.

QUADS – 2HRS – Prior to the Solo race the small but very competitive and loyal band of WOR quad riders took to the start line and tackled the massive mountain course on the trusty 4wd and 2wd machines.

Dave Tokarz again took the win overall as he battled the CAN Am to 8 laps and the only rider to do so in the time allowed. Tokarz was chasing down Jason Wildman but his Polaris broke a drive shaft after a couple of laps and ruled him out. Runner up in the 4x4 Experts was John Robson on his CAN Am with Endaf Owen in 3rd spot.

4x4 Clubman was topped by some fine riding from Neil Martin placing 1 minute and 45 seconds ahead of Runner Up, Sean Wealleans and Joe Bacon in 3rd spot. The 2wd group belonged to Alec Ainsworth on 7 laps and with a 3-and-a-half-minute advantage over Runner Up, David Hull and Jamie Ainsworth taking a well deserved 3rd and getting on the podium with his Dad.

The event went off like clockwork with even the rain and damp weather, tricky conditions and demanding terrain making it a brilliant change from racing in the dust and powder we have been used to of late. The riders all enjoyed yet another quality event from the WOR Events organisation.

WOR always send out a massive thanks to the land owner for the exclusive use of this amazing venue twice a year and of course to the staff, sponsors, medics and all involved with running the event especially the couple of hundred that came over the weekend to support it.

WOR still have a BUSY August with this weekend’s last trip of the year to the fantastic Baden Hall and next Wednesdays brilliant kids only enduro midweek summer hols special…

A full and very busy September then kicks off with some big events in the WOR calendar. All info at www.worevents.com or text / call 07803698061

”PUTOLINE SERIES UPDATE THE 2018 PUTOLINE NATIONAL HARE SCRAMBLES - SERIES UPDATE - MASSIVE PRIZE MONEY GIVE AWAY - 2 rounds remain of the WOR PUTOLINE NHS... Rd 7 on Sunday Sept 9th @ Ludlow..and then the Double Points Special which Runs NOW ON SATURDAY 29th SEPTEMBER @11am (not Sunday 30th as planned!!)

The series is still wide open with non of the classes with a confirmed, un- catchable winner named...All is still to play for ...due to the all important Doubles points last rd...A DNF there could see the leader board change at any time...The 6 competitive classes all have £1000 for the winner in each group....an unprecedented Prize fund like no other Club-£6000 ...WOR put its Money where its mouth is... Currently its Owain Humphreys Humphreys ...Tim Angela Forman and Jack Ditchfield chasing the Expert title ....Arch Collier, Paul Engerlen and Sion Jones Jones in the Clubman.... Lincoln Brewster Brewster, Anthony Griffith and Darren Skillin Skillin in the Over 40 A.... Paul Lightfootoot, Anthony Foulkes, Mick Mills, and Nigel Lynn in the Over 40's B...Chris Wagstaff, Lee Sephton and Gareth Jonesh Jones in the Over 50's and Adam Bates, Thomas Lawton and Sion Hughes in the Sportsman...Its been a good year of racing so far even if numbers have dropped off in recent races.. and the series has taken in some superb venues and terrain... The last 2 rounds will be superb...All welcome... 

Results :https://www.worevents.com/images/uploads/general/PUTOLINE_NHS_RD_6_SOLO_AND_QUAD_RESULTS.xlsx

Laps Solo:https://www.worevents.com/images/uploads/general/SOLO_CLASS_RD_6_PUTOLINE_LAP_TIMES.htm

Laps Quad: https://www.worevents.com/images/uploads/general/CLATTER_QUAD_RD6_LAPTIMES.htm

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